for your toes

Stay warmer. Ski Longer.

°bootcap® takes a new approach to keeping skier’s toes warm by adhering insulation directly to the exterior of a ski boot’s toe box. Unlike heated boot liners or socks, with °bootcap® there is no need to worry about apps, charging, or batteries. Just slap them on your boots and enjoy warmer toes for the rest of the season.

Bootcap - Colors

Simple & Effective

Up to 20° Warmer Toes

Made of high-density foam,°bootcap® keeps skiers’ feet up to 20° warmer without the need for expensive boot heaters or liners.

How it Works

Warm Toes, Cool Vibes


Amazing that just covering the toe of the boot can make such a difference! Easy installation & good instructional videos available. Well worth the modest price!

Ted S.



Chronic sufferer of ice cold toes — it’s the only thing that gets me off the mountain. After just hitting day 30 for the season Bootcaps have made my average ski day increase by 1.5 hours.

Noah B.



I'm a patroller, and I’ve had multiple mild frostbite episodes over the years and as a result find it hard to keep my toes warm. These solve the problem.

John S.



They look dope and definitely help keep my feet warmer as I don’t get great circulation to my toes.

Nick S.



Originally, I was skeptical, but there is very little one can buy in the ski industry for under $50, so I gave them a try... Simple yet effective.

Doug N.



Zero interference with skiing or walking. Great product & design. I am a ski instructor and a ski patrol so I spend many hours out on the hill and not always generating heat. Boot Caps have worked well.

Steve S.