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With Over 20 Years of R&D

In the early 2000’s Mike Thorpe, one of Utah’s best ski bootfitters, recognized the need for a non electric toe warmer for his customers. With over 20 years of experience, which included installing countless electric foot warmers, Mike knew there had to be a better solution that didn’t rely on fickle batteries or delicate electronics.

Bootcap Inventor, Mike Thorpe
The Prototype

Warmer Toes, Simplified

As a creative inventor, he cut up pieces of foam from old boot liners and glued them to the outside of one of his boots to test it as a makeshift ski toe warmer. After feeling the difference in warmth between the covered toe and the uncovered one he knew he was onto something special!

In 2018, he shared this toe insulation idea with childhood friend, designer, and creative guru Nate Ries. Together they co-founded °bootcap™ and continued research and development.

Early on-slope winter tests involved using internal thermometers to measure the temperature of a boot with insulation over the toes versus one without. These tests rendered a positive result with the insulated boot measuring 10° to 15°(F) warmer over an extended ski session, even with a rudimentary cap made of less than optimal materials. Over time, Mike and Nate continued improving their idea with better shapes, materials, and adhesives.

Bootcap Prototype
Bootcap Prototype
Meet Dash

Pro Skier & Frostbite Survivor

Enter longtime professional skier Dash Longe. Shortly after suffering severe frostbite on both feet in 2019, he crossed paths with Mike while skiing and noticed he was fiddling with a device on his boots. Mike told him he was testing a new foot warmer product.

Dash immediately let him know he needed one, “You don’t understand, I have frostbite on eight of my toes and I can’t keep them warm with any of the electric foot warmers.” Dash quickly became an integral part of the °bootcap™ team, testing and further developing prototypes. Over the course of the following winters, the shape, material, waterproof coating, and adhesion methods were perfected.

Bootcap Athlete, Dash Longe

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