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Stay warmer. Ski longer.

Made of high-density foam, °bootcap™ keeps skiers’ feet +20° warmer without the need for batteries or other electronic devices. The brainchild of ski industry veterans, °bootcap™ sticks to the outside of a ski boot’s toe box to insulate skier’s feet. A solution so simple, we were surprised it hadn’t been invented already.

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Stay Warmer - Ski Longer

20° Warmer Toes Without the Hassle

With °bootcap™ there is no need to worry about apps, charging, or batteries. Just slap them on your boots and enjoy warmer toes for the rest of the season. No more calling your day short because of cold feet!

You Have Questions - We Have Answers

The way °bootcap™ is designed, it allows for full functionality of your ski boot while skiing, standing, walking, hiking or riding chairlifts. Great for any and all skiers that adjust boot buckles continually through their ski day.

Yes - °bootcap™ is one-size-fits-all for all adult boots!

°bootcap™ is the brainchild of the highly sought after boot fitter and inventor, Mike Thorpe. Mike has spent over 10 years, researching and developing the °bootcap™ prototype. Additionally, professional skier Dash Longe has extensively tested °bootcap™, and after a battle with frostbite back in 2019, Dash trusts °bootcap™ more than any other product available to keep his toes safe.

Please view our installation instructions.

No. it is okay if it does but there will most likley be a gap between the Spacing Jig and the bottom edge of the°bootcap™. The Spacing Jig is used to indicate the area/space above the lug of your ski boot where the °bootcap™ should NOT be placed. The area in which the Spacing Jig covers is where the ski binding needs to make contact with the ski boot. The cap should NOT encroach in this area.

Yes. The logos should be on the outermost side of each °bootcap™ when installed. 

Ski boots lose 90% of their heat through the toe box.°bootcap™ is designed with insulating foam and a durable waterproof coating to retain the heat generated from your body heat and the warmth established when skiers first put their boots on. If boots are kept warm while traveling to a user's ski destination °bootcap™ will maintain the established heat and heat your body and or a heated sock or footbed product generates for far longer than a naked ski boot.

Due to the nature of materials used and the nature of skiing, our product warranty is valid for one year from the original date of purchase. Read more on our Warranty & Returns policy

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
These are awesome - finally something that works.

I’m a huge fan.  I’ve skied these now at -13F  but subzero temps for at least 5 days and my feet stayed nice and warm.  

I'm a patroller, and I’ve had multiple mild frostbite episodes over the years and as a result find it hard to keep my toes warm.  These solve the problem.  

I use them in conjunction with boot heaters and I’d have to say that my feet are not just “not cold”, they are toasty warm even with boot heaters set fairly low.  Wow!

Hi J! Thank you for your review! Love hearing how they are working for you. And you are right, when used in confjuction with Hotronic products they increase the effectiveness of those products by retaining the warmth they produce.
Thanks again!
°bootcap™ team

Noah B.
They work! 1.5hr increase in my avg time on mountain

Chronic sufferer of ice cold toes while skiing here— it’s the one and only thing that gets me off the mountain. After just hitting day 30 for the season (it’s currently Jan 26), Bootcaps has made my average hours for the season increase by 1.5 HOURS (last season I hit 72 days, avg @ 4hr— currently at 5.5hr avg).

From endless powder in Niseko at 5°F-15°F to ultra-wet days in Washington, Bootcaps numbed the numb pain.

Noah! Love hearing this. Thank you for the review and pic! Let us know if you have any questons or need anything else.
°bootcap™ team


I wear these while working as a Professional Patroller, where cold feet can ruin your day. These help keep my feet warmer and help me work longer more comfortably.
Worth every penny.

John B.
Constantly Cold!

I’ve had frozen toes for years, even with the use of electric boot heaters. I use BootGloves as well but they don’t insulate where the real problem is as well as my new boot caps do. My son tested with one on one boot and the other boot without. He felt a definite difference. Great idea bootcaps!!

Really Works

I have used the Bootcaps for 2 months in combination with my HOTRONIC heated socks with a broken right ankle I have been able to keep my feet and toes warm . The socks I have usually set to 1 and on really cold days at 1/2 higher.Now I getting 2 days on full charge. Great product that does what it says it does.

Alex R.
Warm toes, finally!

I have been skiing with the Boot Caps for a few days now and can immediately tell the difference on the first day! Temps were around 15 and I would usually have to stop and go warm my feet up in the lodge. I was pleasantly surprised how well these worked! I have already turned at least one friend onto them as well! Great product, highly recommend!

Joseph T.


Don’t Procrastinate

In February I skied in New Hampshire in very cold conditions and ended up with frozen toes. My wife got me Bootcaps and a pair of heated socks. On my recent trip back to NH I skied from 0900-1430 with no breaks at all. My toes remained warm and toasty the entire time. My ski experience was so much more enjoyable that I regret not getting the Bootcaps and socks earlier. My advice, don’t procrastinate just do it.

Patrick D.
They just work!

Simple but very effective design!!

Jay B.
Warmer Toes!

I spend a lot of time in ski boots, sometimes standing around not skiing (ski guide). My toes have taken a beating over the years, and they get cold easy. Adding Bootcaps has made a difference in the temperature of my toes, Thank you.