Frequently Asked Questions

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The way °bootcap™ is designed, it allows for full functionality of your ski boot while skiing, standing, walking, hiking or riding chairlifts. Great for any and all skiers that adjust boot buckles continually through their ski day.

Yes - °bootcap™ is one-size-fits-all for all adult boots!

Ski boots lose 90% of their heat through the toe box. °bootcap™ is designed with insulating foam and a durable waterproof coating to retain the heat generated from your body heat and the warmth established when skiers first put their boots on. If boots are kept warm while traveling to a user's ski destination °bootcap™ will maintain the established heat and heat your body and or a heated sock or footbed product generates for far longer than a naked ski boot.

For more on the technology behind °bootcap™, visit the How it Works page.

Due to the nature of materials used and the nature of skiing, our product warranty is valid for one year from the original date of purchase. Read more on our Warranty & Returns policy page.


Please view our installation instructions.

No. it is okay if it does but there will most likley be a gap between the Spacing Jig and the bottom edge of the °bootcap™. The Spacing Jig is used to indicate the area/space above the lug of your ski boot where the °bootcap™ should NOT be placed. The area in which the Spacing Jig covers is where the ski binding needs to make contact with the ski boot. The cap should NOT encroach in this area.

Yes. The logos should be on the outermost side of each °bootcap™ when installed. 

Try using a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the back of the adhesive for just 5 seconds before peeling off. Heating the adhesive before peeling will allow it to come off more easily and without tearing.

No. Once the °bootcap™ has been installed, it is meant to remain on the boot for the life of the °bootcap™.